The Chairman is our adorable 7-year-old Ragdoll cat, who developed aggressive habits. Specifically, he did not like when guests came over and would intimidate them by screaming and being disagreeable. We were hesitant to have people over, and we were slightly concerned about him harming someone.

Dr. Bob put us at ease from our first conversation. He came to our house a few times and had an instant rapport with The Chairman. He also gave us the confidence to be able to get his behavior under control. Since Dr. Bob got involved, having people over is no longer stressful. Knowing we can always call Dr. Bob if we have concerns is a huge help. We only wish we had gotten in touch with him sooner!


We adopted Hera, a one-year-old Shepherd mix with obvious scars from previous abuse and neglect. As long as we were home with her, Hera was very well-behaved. It was when we left her alone that led to trouble. She drooled excessively, ripped up carpeting, and chewed through a plastic crate and a metal cage.

Dr. Bob gave us many tools to use to ease her anxiety and step-by-step instructions on how to leave her home alone. Dr. Bob also walked with us, showing me how to handle her aggression toward other dogs. He literally showed me how to walk her in a safe and relaxing way.
When we welcomed our first baby, Hera was visibly anxious, and her overly curious behavior was frightening. Dr. Bob came to our home, assessed the situation, and worked with us to resolve the issue.


I have used Dr. Bob occasionally for many years, and I know I can always count on him.


Our family has been working with Dr. Bob for years. Our dogs love him, and we feel complete confidence. He is an excellent Behaviorist. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Jill S

Dr. Bob was referred to us when Hagrid was a 10-month-old puppy. When a 100 pound puppy acts up, you need to take control. Dr. Bob trained us as much as he trained Hagrid. We learned how to properly use an electronic collar, how to manage Hagrid in public situations when he was excited, and how to redirect behavior from tearing up our upholstered furniture.

Elaine L

We considered ourselves experienced dog owners until we adopted our Golden Retriever. Gracie, naturally enthusiastic and spirited, proved to be a challenge. Dr. Bob was equally effective in his training of Gracie and us, the owners. Gracie became such a great dog, with Dr. Bob's help, that we decided to adopt a 2nd dog.

Stanley is 9 months old and progressing nicely. He obeys many commands, can walk nicely on a leash with Gracie, and continues to be eager to learn and obey. An added benefit of training with Dr. Bob is his full-service approach. Invisible fence installation and training by Dr. Bob, make having two dogs seem easy.

Kathleen & Jamie

Lilly has a lot of Black Lab personality. Dr. Bob came into the house and Lilly knew she was no longer the one in charge. It was pretty funny, actually. Dr. Bob was gentle and effective with her. She fell into line a lot faster than we did. A couple years later, we called Dr. Bob again. Lilly became afraid of particular rooms in the house. He came to visit and, boy, oh boy, did she remember him. She was Miss Well-Behaved-I’ll-just-go-sit-in-my-corner-till-he’s-gone. Dr. Bob played with her for a long while to reassure her before we got down to work. He gave us tips and tricks to working with this emotionally challenged pooch, and she is much better. When I’m ready to add another dog to the mix, Dr. Bob will be the person I go to for compatibility advice, without question.


We have been utilizing Dr. Bob’s services for many years for our two dogs. They are both rescues. Dr. Bob’s advice and guidance has helped them through many life changes such as: learning to walk on a leash in a civilized manner, meeting other dogs, two babies, and moving. Dr. Bob has provided exceptional service and practical advice. It is evident that Dr. Bob is an expert in animal behavior and relates well to both our pets and our family. His hands-on approach to explanations, and demonstrations of training techniques, takes the guess-work out of changing challenging behaviors. He has provided us with the tools to handle situations as they arise. Consistently follow through with his training techniques, and you get results.

Neil & Allie

Norton was a bit tough; he was a rescue and did not get much socialization. He was very jealous when we brought Charlie, a new Boxer puppy, home. Norton would constantly go after him, even drawing blood on a few occasions. We found out about Dr. Bob and immediately set up an appointment. It was our lucky day! Dr. Bob showed us how to deal with Norton and became our main go-to person for any kind of behavioral problems. He really trained US. After Norton passed away, Charlie took on aggressive behaviors, now that he was the head of the household, and became aggressive toward other dogs. Dr. Bob to the rescue AGAIN, and six years later, we have Ginger and Charlie, best buds in the world!! Thank you Dr. Bob!!


Mr. Potter chewed table legs, bed covers, shoes, lawn ornaments, oil paint, cabinets, signs, toys, holiday decorations and garden hoses. He dug up and destroyed cable and electric wire, nipped at our son’s heels, herded planes, jumped the groomers counter, became aggressive when we tried to brush him and had total disregard for everyone. He wasn’t motivated by food or treats or attention. Dr. Bob changed our lives. Before he met our dog, he told us exactly what he was going to do and what we could expect. Dr. Bob walked into the house and said, “Where is this Mr. Potter?” From a different room, Mr. Potter crouched and crawled right to Dr. Bob. Within a few sessions, we had an obedient, polite, loveable dog. Amazing.


We were first referred to Dr. Bob by our vet. He really knows and cares for dogs. We recommend him to you enthusiastically.

Richard & Alison

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