About Dr. Bob

Uniquely Qualified

Dr. Andrysco Ph.D., is a graduate of Ohio State University - 1980, in combined studies from the colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Behavior and Human Psychology. This unique combination of studies and extensive experience enables Dr. Bob to examine and improve relationships between owners and pets. Dr. Andrysco is based in the Chicago, Illinois area. He consults worldwide via telephone and email. Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, OH are areas he frequently visits.

Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Dr. Andrysco has published numerous works on the topic of pet behavior including the popular book, Tricks I Taught My Master. He has extensive history in the area of public speaking and has logged over 3,000 hours in radio and television. Dr. Andrysco has consulted numerous organizations worldwide including the Humane Society of the United States and the New South Wales Department of Agriculture.

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